Girl, 15, forced to watch sex act when friend took her in after neglect

A child at risk of falling prey to a grooming gang was forced to watch her friend perform a sex act when she was left homeless due to family neglect.

The Children’s Society warns that 200,000 children aged 10 to 17 will face emotional neglect this Christmas and do not receive the support they need on a regular basis.

Maddie*, 15, left home after her mum and step-dad became abusive but when she moved in with a friend, she was at a direct risk of child sexual exploitation.

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200,000 children face neglect this Christmas, The Children’s Society found (Picture: Getty)

‘The friend who I was staying with had an older sister, who was being sexually exploited herself,’ Maddie said.

‘She tried to get me involved in it.

‘I was made to watch a sex

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