‘Let’s be honest, you’ll never see a photo of me holding a huge joint’

From stocks to skincare, cannabis continues to be the buzzword of 2018. With the end of prohibition, the estimated billion-dollar industry has now shifted focus to tackling yet another stubborn obstacle: ending stoner stigma.



Earlier this year, Adweek reported that California-based cannabis retailer MedMen spent $2 million on its ‘Forget Stoner’ campaign that showcased modern cannabis consumers such as “a police officer, former NFL player, triathlete, physicist, nurse, entrepreneur and teacher, among others.” Closer to home, Canadian cannabis companies are adopting a similar tack.

A panel discussion on the eve of legalization shared cannabis stories of six regular women. Organized by Latitude, an educational and storytelling platform by 48North Cannabis Corp., the spotlight was on everyday women who have incorporated cannabis into their lives as a personal, not necessarily professional, preference.

The speaker list included yoga instructor Sandy Braz, actress Maika Harper (Kim’s Convenience and Mohawk Girls), Dae Campbell, a

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