Sex & CBD are on the Menu at NSFW’s Thanksgiving "Dankquet"

There isn’t a more iconic duo in the world than weed and sex. For centuries, they’ve paired better than even their biggest rival: peanut butter and jelly. In all seriousness though, who among us doesn’t love to smoke a joint, get busy, and have a nice cuddle session after?

That’s in short, what the New Society For Wellness (NSFW) is all about: playfully combining weed and sex. NSFW describes itself as a New York City-based private club and digital agency connecting like-minded millennials with vice-category brands in sexual wellness, cannabis, and adventure. In layman’s terms, they throw sex parties where members get stoned and go to town on one another.  

In honor of Thanksgiving, NSFW sprinkled a little spice into their usual weed + sex recipe for a dash of holiday spirit: The digital agency threw Dankquet (a.k.a. Danksgiving), a yearly event where celebrity chef Oscar Toro cooks up an

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