Cannabis use often co-occurs with suicidal thoughts and psychological distress — and more-so among women

The link between cannabis use and psychological distress is stronger for women than men, according to new research published in The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. The findings indicate that the negative effects of cannabis use may be more pronounced for women.

“Regular cannabis use is much more common among individuals who have mental health disorders. Depression (the most common mental health disorder) and suicide have been consistently associated with cannabis use,” said study author Jillian Halladay of McMaster University.

“Given Canada recently legalized recreational cannabis nationally, we thought it was important to examine who might be at particular risk of both using cannabis and also experiencing depression or suicide.”

“There is evidence to suggest that females respond to substance use differently than males. While males may be more likely to use substances, females may experience more consequences from substance use. In regards to cannabis specifically, it is

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