It’s looking increasingly likely the ACT will legalise cannabis use

But Greens parliamentarian Shane Rattenbury, whose vote would be required for the bill to pass, said while his party supported the bill in principle, he would wait until he had seen it and proposed some amendments before supporting it.

“We’ve long held the policy to keep people out of the criminal justice system for the possession of personal amounts of drugs,” he said.

“As a matter of principle we support this, and what we’ll be looking at is whether we’ll be making any amendments and further propositions in the bill.”

He said it would be worthwhile for the government to get a legal opinion on the bill, given there would be significant legal barriers to it becoming law, even if was passed by the ACT parliament.

“The bill will be tabled next week, so it can’t be debated until next February at the soonest – there’s plenty of time to have a look at

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