Turkey Takes A Backseat At This Dank Sex And Cannabis Thanksgiving Party

When paired together, sex and cannabis is arguably the most iconic duo in the world, a message that the New Society For Wellness (NSFW) is hoping to share and spread in the cannabis space. In its own words, NSFW specializes in marketing cannabis brands and sexual wellness brands to the millennial consumer. Separately, sex and cannabis are gifts that should be enjoyed and explored through experience and education, which NSFW offers by hosting a number of events.

In honor of Thanksgiving, NSFW added a bit of holiday spirit to their usual weed and sex party by hosting Dankquet (a.k.a. Danksgiving), an annual feast where celebrity chef Oscar Toro cooks an infused meal for members. The dank menu included acorn squash, stuffing, chai tea brined turkey, cranberry sauce, and more Thanksgiving staples. If this infused meal wasn’t enough for members, a dab bar by Topstone Projects, helped get them to

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