I’m A Mom Who Smokes Marijuana Daily (And I’m Not Ashamed)

Let’s get a few things straight before we start talking seriously about my marijuana use.

Yes, I smoke pot every day.

Yes, I have two children.

No, I do not smoke pot in front of them. They have no idea what “pot” is.

No, I do not smoke pot when I am alone with them. I only smoke when my husband is home.

No, I never smoke and drive.

Satisfied? Probably not. But I’ll explain myself anyway.

I have various psychiatric conditions. These include a killer anxiety disorder that can leave me on my knees. It can mask itself as anger and impatience, which makes me a beast to be around for husband and children alike. I might cry in a corner or scream at everyone to clean the house. I’m medicated for this, of course, but the medication isn’t a cure-all, and my rescue meds (the kind I take when a panic attack sets in,

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