PSA: Flying With Marijuana Is A No-Go

I was in a marijuana-legal state a few months ago, and a dear friend had been sweet enough to buy me a big-ass bottle of edibles. Not just edibles, edible mint-like candies that tasted great, killed your anxiety, and came in fairly stealth packaging. The only problems: one, the mints looked like tiny pot leaves. Two, I’d be flying with marijuana from a weed-legal state to my backward-ass-non-weed-legal state, and though I knew the chances of getting caught with it were slim, I didn’t want a drug conviction on my record.

So it was with great regret that I doled the candies out to my buddies before I stepped on the plane. It was a pretty clear-cut situation: I was flying from a legal state to a non-legal state, where I could get busted for marijuana possession. Simple.

What’s not so simple? Flying with marijuana between weed-legal states. Most people

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