9 signs your partner is a cheater

Are you able to tell if someone is a serial cheater?

Not many people can, but knowing what signs to look for can save you a lot of time and (at least some) heartbreak.

“Fundamentally, we are not monogamous by nature, but rather it’s our culture that calls for monogamy,” relationship expert Chantal Heide says. “Why are some people chronic cheaters? The fact is the act of meeting a new partner and beginning a new relationship has intense chemical drivers, since we’re designed by nature to couple up and copulate in order to ensure the proliferation of the species. The chemicals in our bodies release when a relationship is new or incredibly intense, and can be compared to the same internal reactions we have when we do cocaine, meth and ecstasy.”

Like with drugs, however, Heide explains that our bodies have become accustomed to them and their intensity wears off.


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