Ashley Kingsley, Woman of Weed, Talks About the Female Impact on Cannabis

Westword: How did Ellementa come to fruition in Colorado? Is it active outside of just Denver?

Ashley Kingsley: Ellementa launched in Denver in June 2017. We had fifty women in the room, some timid, but all so hungry for knowledge and connection. There was next to no cannabis wellness education available anywhere specifically for women. Ellementa, a global cannabis wellness network, organizes women’s circles currently in fifty cities across North America. Cannabis has been mostly unstudied and demonized for so long, and we have so much learning to do. Our paradigm is totally shifting, and soon so will our health habits.

Why the need for a women-only cannabis group?

We created Ellementa for women because women are the epicenter of care. We are most often the caretakers and caregivers, and we also focus on self-care. We want to create a place where women feel comfortable sharing their personal stories and

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