Gay men who use crystal meth need integrated care – The Conversation

The use of cheap and potent crystal methamphetamine (meth) is reaching a “crisis point in Canada” and globally, replacing opioids as the drug of choice in some areas.

In media and policy conversations about this drug, one important population is often missed out: Gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (herein, referred to as gay and queer men).

Used alone or in combination with other substances, the sexualized use of meth is a practice often referred to as “chemsex” or “party n’ play.” It is one of the key drivers of high and rising HIV rates and other sexually transmitted infections. And meth use can lead to many other negative health outcomes, including depression, anxiety and suicide.

Unfortunately, there are limited options available for gay and queer men who want to quit or reduce their meth consumption. Most sexual health-care services do not offer specialized substance

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