HOMEGROWN SERIES: Setting the stage for successful cannabis growth

For the novice cannabis grower, it is important to understand the life cycle of the plant before inserting a seed into the soil. Cannabis consists of many different strains, all of which have various growth patterns and feeding needs, and the plant’s life cycle has different stages of growth.



For the amateur grower, it is important to be aware of the stages of plant growth: germination, seedling, vegetative growth and flowering. Please note that auto-flower genetics life cycle differs from the details described below. (Autoflowers are a great option for beginner growers and provide high-quality genetics material, but do not require a change to the photoperiod, which, in essence, is an environmental cue to the plant that it’s time to produce a flower or pollinate.)


Germination stage

Germination kicks off the cannabis life cycle when the seed pops a root out of its shell and eventually develops from a single root into a

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