#ICYMI: Woman denies being sex spy, young cannabis users defiant, more news

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Elena Crenna, sat before an Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada panel member in Montreal on Thursday. Through hours of testimony, she tried to convince the board she is not what the federal government contends she is: a Russian “sex spy” who seduced her eventual husband to obtain information from him and use it as leverage.

Jesse Feith files this report: Woman accused of being a Russian sex spy fights for Canadian residency


If and when the Coalition Avenir Québec government passes a law that would raise the cannabis smoking age from 18 to 21 — which would make it impossible for Aiden to buy legal weed — it will make no difference to him. But he’s not concerned: If Aiden wants to smoke weed, he texts his friend and gets it delivered within 30 minutes.

Christopher Curtis files

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