Opinion: Megan’s Law registry has become ‘scarlet letter of the internet age,’ needs revision – The Star-Ledger

By Shana Rowan

The horror that Megan Kanka’s parents endured in the loss of their young daughter is unfathomable. Admirably, they are dedicating much of their lives to preventing what happened to Megan from happening to anyone else’s child. Unfortunately, their recent effort at modernizing Megan’s Law (“Kanka family seeks updates to exclude sexting between children, increase failure to register penalties,” April 15), ignores the research conducted on sex crimes since the initiation of the registry notification law named for their daughter.

Some of their proposals make sense, such as increasing the ratio of parole officers to registrants, as the entire community benefits from compliant sex offenders. It also makes sense to prevent teenagers from being put on the registry for “sexting.” But given that teenagers re-offend at lower rates than adults and show high receptivity to treatment, why limit this reform to “sexting”? The vast majority of juvenile offenders deserve a

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