Zach Braff says ABC canceled ‘Scrubs’ medical cannabis episode

All these years later who would’ve suspected that we missed a potential marijuana-themed episode of Scrubs. Now critics and popular culture haven’t remembered Scrubs as fondly as its fans—it’s my favorite sitcom ever—but a recent reunion panel for the show at Vulture Fest Los Angeles revealed Scrubs experienced a rough transition when it changed networks from NBC to ABC.



According to star Zach Braff, pushback from Disney-owned ABC ensued when Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence wrote a plotline including a cancer patient who uses medical marijuana to deal with her treatments.

“We only shot one thing ever that Bill had to throw out, ” Braff said. “That many years ago, they were like, ‘Medicinal marijuana? Get the hell out of here!’”

To see just where ABC would and wouldn’t draw the lines, Lawrence conceived of another plot involving the cancer patient and male prostitutes. When he pitched it their way, he received the greenlight.


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