How much does legal weed cost in Ontario? As little as $7.50 a gram

The weed at Ontario’s online government store starts at $7.50 a gram.

Ontario began the era of legal recreational weed Wednesday with a web store that offered more than 80 cannabis products from a wide variety of Canadian cannabis producers.

And the lowest prices at the Ontario Cannabis Store are competitive with the dealers and dispensaries that now supply Canada’s huge black market.

Statistics Canada estimates the price of illegal weed in Ontario averaged $7.34 a gram in the first six weeks of 2018. They came up with the estimate by crowd-sourcing and monitoring a website that tracks the price of illegal weed.

A customer inspects the different types of pot on display in Newfoundland.

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The federal government has said a major goal of legalization is to take the marijuana trade out of the hands of criminals. Competitive

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