This is how long the murderers, thugs, drug dealers, burglars and fraudsters got in prison last year

The Gloucester community was shocked to the core by Christopher Boon’s callous murder of his wife Laura Mortimer and stepdaughter Ella Dalby.

The judge told Boon his acts were “unspeakable savagery” as he jailed him for life, destined to serve a minimum of 29 years.

Although Boon’s crime was one of the worst cases that appeared in the courts in 2018, here’s a round up of some of the longest sentences meted out by the Gloucestershire courts and others in 2018.

These include the actions of Hannah Henry and Alistair Walker, which led to the death of their baby Ah’Kiell, and the woman who tried to kill her friend in a four-minute knife attack captured on train CCTV.


Drug dealer who stabbed two men in Gloucester, ‘disembowelling’ one of them, is jailed

A 22-year-old Birmingham drug dealer running a so-called ‘county lines’ operation in Gloucester stabbed two drug users who had ‘ripped off’ one of

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