Darryl Strawberry Calls Weed ‘Gateway Drug,’ Other Athletes Argue Otherwise

Well it looks like we can’t go a full week without a celebrity making an unqualified opinion about cannabis. Former New York Mets star Darryl Strawberry made headlines recently when he argued against athletes using cannabis as a natural pain reliever, calling it a “gateway drug.”

“Most people don’t understand marijuana is a drug,” Strawberry told TMZ Sports. “It’s just the beginning. Starting people off when they’re young and then it leads to everything else.”

“Most young people start off with marijuana … it’s a gateway,” he added. “I started with marijuana when I was young—14, 15 years old—and it led me to everything else.”

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Strawberry was suspended three times during his MLB career for cocaine usage. The ex-right fielder also opened up about his sex addiction in 2017, telling Dr. Oz he “would go between innings, and stuff like that and

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