Yeast Infection: How It Happens And How To Avoid It

When it comes to optimum health, the perfect balance of bacteria within the body is essential and this no different when talking about vaginal health.

A healthy vagina contains both bacterial and yeast cells. However, when the balance of these two compounds shifts, it can potentially cause an infection. Although embarrassing, a vaginal yeast infection is incredibly common – so common that nearly three-quarters of all women will experience one at some point in their lives.

Yeast infections outside the vagina are fairly common as such infections usually develop in moist conditions such the mouth and throat (known as oral thrush), armpits and the navel. Yeast infections around the genitalia aren’t just for women as men can also develop them- with the risk higher in uncircumcised and diabetic individuals. Babies can also develop yeast infections due to unhygienic, moist and dirty diaper areas. As vaginal yeast infections are so common, it’s important that

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