Puff, puff, pass the remote: How weed affects your activity level

Adam Curatolo, an employee at cannabis and culture lifestyle store Saj, said while eating at the top of the list didn’t surprise him “in the least,” the sex piece was interesting.

“It’s interesting because there definitely are writers who have spoken about using cannabis as an aphrodisiac or as sort of that lead up to sex in the same way alcohol may have been used, having a bottle of wine with your partner type of thing,” he said.

And while the popularity of munching out is no surprise, he said as cannabis use becomes more accepted in mainstream society, he expects more people will use it as a way to elevate their dining experience not only from an appetite perspective.

“It’s totally stereotypical that you get high, and you’re going to go munch out … but what about cannabis-infused four-course meals events that are actually starting to happen in Edmonton?”

Cannabis is seen as

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