Science finally has the answer to whether drunk sex or high sex is better

It’s the age old debate.

If you’re getting your rocks off, which is better – sex when you’re drunk or sex when you’re high?

There are people in the alcohol camp who reckon that the old beer goggles makes the whole messy business better.

But there are many stoners who say cannabis is the best way to sexual bliss.

Thankfully, though, scientists have waded in with some proper research to finally end the debate. Good old science.

Research by New York University basically looked at people’s responses to sex while under the influence of booze and pot.

While it wasn’t a huge or representative study, what they found were some fascinating insights on what gives the most benefits and which has the lowest risk of suffering some the the dangerous or awkward moments we all know can happen around sex.

Researchers report that sex on cannabis felt better than when you’re drunk, according to the men and women in the

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