Munchies and making out top list of fun post-pot activities: poll

Watching TV, stargazing, and yoga also cited as enjoyable things to do when you’re high.

So you’ve just toked up on some legal Canadian weed. Now what?

Well apparently, eating food and having sex are the two most enjoyable pot-post activities, according to a survey done by marketing research group Leger for National Access Cannabis, a licensed marijuana retailer.

The survey of 1,525 Canadians, conducted in early October shortly after recreational pot became legal in Canada, asked respondents what activities are most enjoyable after consuming cannabis.

Not surprising, given that marijuana is known for causing the “munchies,” the No. 1 most pleasurable thing to do after smoking a joint is chow down.

A man smokes a joint as cannabis enthusiasts gather at Sunset Beach for the annual 4/20 protest in Vancouver.

Gerry Kahrmann /


The survey found 28 per cent of respondents

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