Punk Band Dilly Dally Talks Cannabis, Self-Care, & Heaven

It was 2015 when Toronto quartet Dilly Dally saw the release of their youth-spirited, ear-piercing debut album, Sore. The punk outfit made up of vocalist/guitarist Katie Monks, guitarist Liz Bell, bassist Jimmy Tony, and drummer Benjamin Reinhartz, harnessed a sound energized by apathy and fury, spearheaded by Monks’ signature wallowing howl, and laced together with a love for 90s grunge, and an eye-catching album cover bearing a freshly bleeding tongue carrying an arrangement of small stones.

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Monks’ raspy voice counts off the start of Sore with “Desire,” a track that oozes adolescent lust and sexual fantasy, and the album varies in carefree breath and feminist rage from there. “Snake Head” juxtaposes the image of Medusa with a woman on her period (“Excuse me, let me get my backpack, These painkillers are no fun”), “Ballin Chain” goes back and forth with

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