Worrisome statistics around medical cannabis users operating vehicles: More public education and guidelines are needed to increase marijuana users’ understanding of cannabis-related driving impairment

One in five of them said they’d driven while ‘very high’ in the past six months, researchers from the University of Michigan Addiction Center report in the journal Drug Alcohol Dependence .

Lead author Erin E. Bonar, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychiatry and a practicing clinical psychologist at the U-M Addiction Treatment Services finds the results of a survey of 790 Michigan medical cannabis users troubling.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have state approval to use medical marijuana, including nearly 270,000 in the state of Michigan, according to Statista, as of May 2018. Michigan is second only to California for the highest number of medical marijuana patients in a state.

Risky driving

Bonar says that when people drive under the influence of marijuana their reaction time and coordination may be slowed down and they could have a harder time reacting to the unexpected. If they are in a risky situation, they could be

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