ASOS Explained The Very Long Jeans & We’re Still Confused If We’re Honest

Yesterday we alerted y’all to the highly-confronting and confusing story about the terrible, very bad, no good ‘Extremely Long Pants’ affliction that appeared to have taken over British retailer ASOS.

Today, they’ve explained themselves.

In an official comment from ASOS via their PR agency, the retailer said this to us:

“The ASOS Super Skinny Stacker is a new menswear style which is cut longer than standard length to give a gathered effect at the ankles.

We have enjoyed the pics posted by our customers – here is how to wear them:”

They linked to the sale page for the jeans to show examples of styling, and the jeans shown are definitely the ones pictured in George Riggall‘s viral tweet. 

But what of the other people – including women – who purchased different-looking ASOS jeans,

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