Marijuana-based sex lubricant: It’s real but is it healthy? – SheKnows

Hemp and other marijuana derivatives have long been used in beauty products. Now, one company is gearing up to release cannabis-infused sex lubricant.

Medical marijuana
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There are quite a few natural ingredients that pull double-duty as lube: aloe, coconut oil… and marijuana?

Yes, seriously: Foria Pleasure, a soon-to-be-released ‘pre-lube’ for women is made with cannabis. Why? THC, the main mood-altering chemical in pot, is said to help stressed-out women relax their pelvic muscles, making it easier to get to the Big O.

Is it safe to use on our most sensitive of sensitive areas? Foria Pleasure is also made with one of the safest natural lubricants, coconut oil, but the jury is still out on utilizing cannabis in the bedroom.

“There’s very little research on the safety and effectiveness of products like Foria Pleasure,” says Sara Gottfried,

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