The cannabis and women learning curve

If the year 2019 can be described in one word it’s this: Cannabis.

From history to food to drinks to makeup, medicine, recreational, philanthropic – you name it, cannabis is in there. And it’s only February.

Now that the evocative herb has been legally entrenched into our Canadian boundaries – and edibles coming in the spring – who doesn’t want to discuss weed?

April Pride wants discussions taking place coast to coast. The founder of Van der Pop, one of North America’s most popular female-focused cannabis brands, was in Toronto recently to head up the company’s Women Weed Summit, a free education series that addresses questions around cannabis education and consumption “as it relates to sex, parenting, fitness and cooking,” says Pride.

The summit featured prominent women in the cannabis industry and included such speakers as Dr. Carlen Costa, who discussed the role of cannabis and sex, Ashleigh Brown on cannabis and parenting,

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