High Country: Let’s talk about cannabis sex, baby

Cannabis has long been linked to heightened sexual experiences and recently, more studies have come to light suggesting that small doses of THC and/or CBD, when taken before a session in between the sheets, are boosting libidos big time.

Researchers at Stanford, who have conducted the largest study to date, found from a data set of 28,176 women and 22,943 men, that compared with cannabis abstainers, men who used it weekly reported having 22 percent more sex, while women reported having 34 percent more sex.

At St. Louis University in Missouri, researchers surveyed 133 adult women during annual gynecology check-ups and found that 29 percent reported having used cannabis prior to partner sex. Of that group, 68 percent said it made sex “more pleasurable.” Among those who claimed cannabis was sex-enhancing, 72 percent said it always increased their erotic pleasure.

But what’s the science behind

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