Why Jeff Bridges ‘laid off the pot’ while filming ‘The Big Lebowski’

For his preparation to play one of the most iconic stoner characters of all time, Jeff Bridges decided to stop smoking weed. Bridges, who has long hinted and flirted publicly about his own marijuana use, revealed to People recently why he never was actually high while acting as The Dude in The Big Lebowski.



“I’ve smoked a bit of herb in my time. I chose not to smoke any doing that movie because the lines — every man, every f-bomb you wanted to get right in the music,” he told People. “You didn’t want to be improving stuff. I thought, I gotta lay off the pot, man.”

Bridges reprised his role as The Dude for a Stella Artois Super Bowl commercial. The ad also saw Sarah Jessica Parker become her Sex The City character Carrie Bradshaw once again. Why The Dude would be drinking a Stella instead of a White Russian isn’t really

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