How to use cannabis this Valentine’s Day

At 24 years of age, Antuanette Gomez, CEO of Pleasure Peaks remains unfazed when asked some eyebrow-raising questions: Can cannabis save my marriage? Can cannabis help ease pain during sex? Or the most frequently asked query, how do you have the best sex with cannabis?



Medically and recreationally, cannabis has potential benefits for both men and women. “Considered a natural aphrodisiac, specific cannabis strains can be great for piquing arousal when used topically, or through smoking or inhalation,” explains Gomez, who heads the Toronto-based global medical cannabis company focusing on women’s sexual health. But when introducing cannabis in the bedroom, it all comes down to the sexual experience a person is seeking.

“If you want something that’s hot and steamy, then you are going to need some energy—I would stick with a sativa flower. If you want to have a sensual, very relaxing experience, then

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