Dear Mrs Salisbury: I want my step-son to move out so I can get my life back

QUESTION: I live with my partner of 6 years and his 16 and 22 year old sons (In my home).

I have been very ill with depression, epilepsy and IBD and more. I am on some serious medication with side effects.  I am also menopausal after an incomplete hysterectomy 8 years ago. There is tension in the house as I want my oldest step son to move out. He is dirty, lazy and selfish and I just can’t cope with him anymore. 

I used to have a very high sex drive and thoroughly enjoyed sex.  Now with everything that’s happening around me I have no interest at all. I avoid it as much as I can but feel guilty. Is it possible to get my libido back?

ANSWER: Woah this sounds like a situation at risk of implosion, no wonder your

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