Michelle Knight: Cleveland victim ‘was gang-raped and had a child before 2002 abduction’

Cleveland captive Michelle Knight ‘was gang-raped and had a child BEFORE 2002 abduction,’ shocking report claims

  • Great aunt says that Michelle Knight was raped by a group of male classmates when she was in junior high
  • She was pregnant as a result of the attack, and had a son she named Joey
  •  Michelle vanished on August 23, 2002 near her cousin’s Cleveland home
  • Michelle had lost custody of her baby son before she vanished and authorities suggested she left of her own free will after the ordeal

Thomas Durante

Steve Robson

Lydia Warren

Michelle Knight was gang-raped and impregnated in junior high – a year before she suffered more than 10 years of abuse under a kidnapper, an

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