Couple who married on their first date in Vegas claim they are not crazy

Married in Las Vegas on Christmas Eve, honeymooners Sarah and Paul Edwards insist — perhaps a little too vehemently — that they are floating on cloud nine.

Mornings, they say, consist of lazy breakfasts gazing into each other’s eyes, days are spent sightseeing hand in hand, and as for the nights, Paul’s happy verdict is ‘yes, yes, yes and yes again!’

Yet less than a week ago, broadcasting lighting technician Paul, 36, and nanny Sarah Elliott, 34, were complete strangers. They met for the first time on the day before their wedding.

Paul and Sarah Edwards only met for the first time in Gatwick Airport having matched on a dating app nine days earlier. Now they are man and wife having flown to Las Vegas to get married by an Elvis impersonator during their first date

Paul and

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