Ignite Cannabis Co. Launches California Dispensary Sales

Bilzerian, often known for his lavish lifestyle and the beautiful women that accompany him, founded Ignite in 2017 after his category research uncovered a high-end marketplace gap in the hyper-growth cannabis category which is expected to be globally valued at $31.4 billion-dollars by 2021. Like spirits, automotive, fashion and other similar products, leadership is often driven by a premium lifestyle positioning and a top-down quality product. Bilzerian gathered top experts from cannabis, consumer packaged goods, marketing and other key disciplines to pair with his own in-depth cannabis knowledge, and devoted the following year to developing the highest quality cannabis brand on Earth. This launch is culmination of what these great minds and experience sets across multiple industries delivered and is being supported by the largest in-class initial marketing campaign across California.

“I’ve never half-assed anything I cared about,” said Bilzerian. “Everything I do is based on executing at the

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