‘The Little Book of Cannabis’ packs a mighty punch

Amanda Siebert is an award-winning journalist and photographer based in British Columbia who covers the cannabis industry as one of Canada’s first cannabis-specific editors. Siebert is best known for her work with the Georgia Straight.




In her first book, The Little Book of Cannabis: How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life, Siebert explores common myths and misconceptions surrounding the cannabis plant, including whether or not cannabis use can cure cancer, help us get a better night’s sleep, enjoy steamier sex and act as a weight loss aid.
“For many years, I’ve found cannabis to be useful, not just in my own life, but for many people in my community and around the world. I like the idea of showing people how beneficial its use can be, even if it’s something they might not completely understand,” she says.


A peek inside The Little Book of Cannabis

Having interviewed some of the world’s top

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