The single most common problem couples have in bed, according to a relationship therapist

couple talkingFlickr/西文 Simon

  • The most common problem couples face in bed is mismatched sex drives.
  • That’s according to Rachel Sussman, a marriage counselor in New York City.
  • Sussman said it’s best to find someone whose sex drive more or less matches yours, but if the difference has evolved over time, there are some potential solutions.

If you’re coming to see Rachel Sussman about a problem with your sex life, she can guess pretty quickly what it is.

Sussman is a relationship expert and marriage counselor in New York City; she’s counseled couples who are unsure how to pursue an open relationship and couples who aren’t having sex at all.

But the most common issue she sees in this area, Sussman told me, is couples with mismatched sex drives.

Typically, she said, one person wants to have sex more

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