This Year’s SXSW Festival Has a Top-Shelf Cannabis Lineup

Leafly’s principal scientist, Dr. Nick Jikomes, will explode your understanding of THC, CBD, and terpenes.

Cannabis at SXSW: How to Get In

Admission to the Cannabusiness track and all the conference sessions comes with a SXSW admission badge. There are many badges and multiple levels of access—check out the festival’s Attend SXSW site for more information.

Keynote: Can Activism Coexist With Big Business?

Learn how to do well by doing good with Troy Dayton, co-founder of cannabis investment pioneer the ArcView Group.

Dayton: Activist/Investor

There’s often been tension between legalization activists and emerging cannabis companies. Are the chronically underfunded activists just blazing trails—for free—for investors and entrepreneurs who cash in on legal markets? Do cannabis companies have a responsibility to support the activist community? If activists receive industry

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