Meet Lizzy Jeff, Creator of ‘Mystical Theme Park for Adults’ Zen & Kush

I’d never considered the full meaning of “sensuality” until I found myself wearing headphones and lying flat on a foam mattress that was synched up to internal speakers, vibrating, pulsating, and quaking with the rumbles and beats of its internal soundtrack. Being too young to have missed the heyday of the vibrating mattress, I found myself at ease with and in awe of the novelty. There I was, high and feeling the sounds in tangible form, as I lay still gazing up at the the party goers mingling nearby. From my floor-level perspective, they looked like giants.

When I finally mustered up the will to tear myself from the audible massage, a couple took my place and began to make out. Their “sensual” experience on the mattress was perhaps more traditional than the one I had, and got me thinking about what sensuality really means — perhaps, an awakening of the

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