Patrick Cain: Watch out, Ontario — I passed the course to sell you weed. Here’s what I learned

Have you ever really looked at a driver’s licence? I mean really looked?

Hold it in your own hands — both hands — in a good light. Take your time.

Look at it, and feel it as well. Is it thicker than it should be?

Is the first letter on the serial number the first letter of the surname? Are the ninth and 10th digits the same as the last two digits of the year of birth? What about the raised, laser-engraved secondary photo that ought to be in the lower right-hand corner?

And yes, all that will be on the test, if you want a job working in a cannabis store in Ontario.

The CannSell course is loosely based on server training courses for alcohol, explains Nick Pateras of Lift Co., which developed the course with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The online course, which qualifies people to work in cannabis

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