Tracey Cox reveals how to balance mismatched libidos

In an ideal world, all high sex drive people would go out with high sex drive people and all low desire people would do likewise.

Our sex lives would be a lot simpler if we did – and so would our relationships.

Studies suggest one in three marriages in Britain and the US struggle with problems associated with mismatched desire – I’d put that figure a lot higher.

I mean, it’s bound to cause problems if you put someone who’d happily trade their life savings for one, gobsmackingly great sex session, with someone who’d find it hard to feign enthusiasm if Jon Hamm or Emily Ratajkowski (or your idea of heaven) knocked on the front door, naked, and fell immediately to their knees.

Why then, do we insist on matching up with people who don’t feel about sex the same way we do?

One reason is relationships and love

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