Ford has had the pedal to the metal since becoming Ontario PC leader


SEPT. 8, 2017: At the Ford family’s famous annual barbeque, Doug Ford announces he will enter the 2018 City of Toronto mayor’s race against incumbent John Tory.

JAN. 24 2018: Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown, looking unusually dishevelled and distraught, calls a late night media conference to announce that a news outlet will air the stories of two young women accusing him of sexual misconduct. He denies all wrongdoing and says, “I’ll be at work tomorrow.”

JAN. 26, 2018: The newly-chosen interim PC leader Vic Fedeli – Brown having been shown the door – says the party will hold a quickie leadership campaign in the lead-up to the June 7 provincial election.

Patrick Brown, left, and Vic Fedeli. (CP files)

JAN. 29, 2018: Doug Ford, the former City of Toronto councillor and brother to the city’s late mayor Rob Ford, pivots

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