Gabi Grecko’s mile-high sex romp

THE on-off wife of controversial businessman Geoffrey Edelsten is set to tell a New York court she was paid to have mile-high sex with NYPD cops on a private plane bound for Las Vegas.

A federal court in Manhattan heard that Gabi Grecko’s 2013 performance as an air hostess who doled out sexual favours was funded by two businessmen from Brooklyn who dubbed themselves “the Jewish elves” for giving out lavish gifts to cops in return for favourable “police action”.

Gabi Grecko,  pictured in New York, is expected to give evidence at the police corruption trial. Picture:  Annie Wermiel/ NY Post

Government prosecutor Jessica Lonergan said the 16-person jury would be shown photos of Grecko, who was then working as a prostitute.

Grecko is

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