R. Kelly’s "Ignition" Was Originally About Underaged Girls, Ex Lawyer Says

Ed Genson says he forced Kelly to switch up the lyrics after it appeared to tell a story about a driving instructor and high school girls. 

If you needed more reasons to delete R.Kelly’s Chocolate Factory or 12 Play from your library, here’s one–the singer’s hit single “Ignition” featured innuendos about underaged girls, his former lawyer says.

In an interview with Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago criminal defense attorney Ed Genson candidly spoke about his time working with Kelly and how he kept the singer “out of trouble,” the same kind of trouble that led to his child pornography case in 2008.

One of those elements included vetting the singer’s music he released around the time of the trial like “Ignition.” Before breaking off fans the remix in 2002 that became one of his biggest hits, the original carried a more slow jam aurora with car metaphors for sex. Genson said the version he heard confirmed Kelly’s interest

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