Sexuality Doula Ev’Yan Whitney Explains Cannabis for Libidinal Liberation

Cannabis has long been recognized as an aphrodisiac, but can it also spark an individual’s sexual empowerment?

 The Hash’s Max Savage Levenson sat down with Portland’s Ev’Yan Whitney, sexuality doula and host of The Sexually Liberated Woman podcast, to learn more about the obstacles that can come between a person and their own sexual liberation, and how cannabis can be a tool to overcome those barriers.

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The Hash, Season 4, Episode 10: Ev’Yan Whitney

Also in this episode:

  • Ev’Yan walks us through her own journey to becoming a sexuality doula and sex educator.
  • She praises the strains that have made a difference in her life: Astral Works and the mysterious Catholic School Girl.
  • She explains why she uses cannabis exclusively in the context of sex.
  • Look out for new episodes of The Sexually Liberated Woman this April!

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