Drugs, sex work and gambling embraced by 2020 hopefuls

(CNN) — A Democrat wants to legalize sex work. A Republican governor is trying to legalize sports betting in his state. The vast majority of Democrats running for President want to legalize marijuana.

The 2020 election is shaping up to be a new chapter in the end of vice.

Marijuana isn’t even that controversial any more

The effort led by Sen. Cory Booker to legalize marijuana doesn’t really even feel that controversial. Not all of his potential rivals for the Democratic primary have signed on, but most have.

It’s a huge shift from just three years ago, when Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton took a more wait-and-see approach. In 2008, Barack Obama was completely opposed, despite his own history with drugs — marijuana and more. In 1992, Bill Clinton tried to squirrel out of marijuana questions by saying he didn’t inhale in the 1960s. Today, everyday Americans along the entire West Coast don’t have to

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