Do hormones make men choose between love or sex?

Everyone has a friend who is a “relationship person”. Happier spending their time with one individual rather than sowing their wild oats, relationship people have had numerous long-term partners, and never seem to be without their companion.

Promiscuous friends are the opposite. Swiping on dating apps to tap the pool of local singles (pro tip: no one is picking their spouse based on their Tinder photos), sex-driven individuals would rather keep it casual.

According to a UBC researcher, those behavioral differences might be due to a variation in hormone levels.

Biologically, searching for sex and looking for love are two different things, says Alec Beall, a postdoctoral researcher in UBC’s department of psychology.

Love—defined as a feeling of social bonding—is regulated by a hormone named oxytocin in both men and women. Released in the body in response to stimuli like looking into the eyes of a baby, examining photos of vulnerable kittens, or cuddling,

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