Marc Emery’s #MeToo Moment: The Dark Side of Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture has announced that three of its Vancouver dispensaries will close on January 31, 2019. The closures have been forced by a British Columbia Supreme Court decision affecting 53 dispensaries in the city of Vancouver.

This isn’t the end of Cannabis Culture. The company’s 307 West Hastings flagship location will remain open as a vape lounge and bong shop.

But the Vancouver closings mark the waning influence of a company that once helped define cannabis in Canada. Cannabis Culture and its founder, Marc Emery, have long been seen as a foundational element of Canada’s legalization movement. At one point Emery was arguably the most famous cannabis activist in the world. And yet the loss of the Vancouver outposts are being marked by many this month not with sweet eulogies, but with a collective feeling of relief and good riddance.

That’s not to minimize the pain felt by those connected to

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