Reports Claim Bisexuals Smoke the Most Cannabis. Is There Any Truth to It?

It’s a great question, and one that seems all the murkier by research standards. It has also been found that bisexual men do not have the same tendencies as their feminine counterparts. Sure, they still smoke their fair share of bud, but not to the same extent of bisexual women.

This would seem to suggest that bisexuality itself is not the factor at play here … so what is?

How Anxiety Bridges Bisexuality and Cannabis

Since these statistics first came to light, many theories have been floating around the issue. Most notably perhaps, researchers and the public seem to focus on anxiety and mental health as the correlation between bisexual women and cannabis use.

Bisexual people experience much higher rates of anxiety compared to their straight and gay peers. Bisexuals are also 80% more likely to have anxiety than the average person, and one-third of bisexual people report

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