Top 5 Movies To Watch High | RST

Watching a movie is a great pastime when you’re stoned. Whether you’re trying to illegally stream Netflix and Chill, alone, or at a sausagefest (or clamfest) putting on that perfect movie will surely give everyone a great time. These five classics are a definite crowd pleaser every time you get the giggles.superbad

Half Baked (1996)

Like most stoner movies, this one was a commercial flop – only making 17.5 mil off an 8 million dollar budget. However, this movie is a hilarious time when you get high. To be completely honest, I’ve probably watched it 4 or 5 times and had to look up the plot just because I only remember laughing my balls off. It starts off with normal stoner flick characters doing a bunch shenanigans and then gets heavy once one of

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