Why Shake/Trim Is Just As Good As Cannabis Flower (If Not Better) | RST

  • I can always find great deals on trim and shake at my local dispensaries and for those who are THC conscious, there are some that THC levels reach higher than 22 percent!
  • Trim and shake are great components for making butter and oil! Conveniently broken down for you, you only have to decide which strain you want to eat.
  • Your shake will probably contain stems, but save those up and brew an infused tea!

trim cannabis flower


The Undisputed

“I’m sorry, but that just isn’t weed to me”, words from my roommate. He believes that any self-respected smoker would never buy shake. Ummmm, hello? I am a self-respected smoker, sheesh. I love myself some shake, why? Because it’s just as good and cheap!

When I first started smoking back in Tennessee, I hated

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